Are cows injected with growth hormones (rBST)?faq-2_textmedium

No, our cows do not receive rBST injections.  We try to increase our milk production through better feed for our cows and by making them as comfortable as possible.  This includes mattresses to lay on year round,  sprinklers and fans for hot weather, and regular visits by the veterinarian.  

How many flavors do you make?

We have over fifty flavors (including seasonal favorites), but not all are available at all times.  

Why does your milk taste better?

Our milk is pasteurized the old-fashioned way.  We use low temperature vat pasteurization for all of our milk and ice cream.  It takes a lot longer to do it this way, but in the end, we have a better tasting milk.  

Can I bring my class/group for a tour?

We do not offer tours, but you are welcome to bring your class/group to the farm to see the cows milked.  We start milking every day around 3:30 and are available to answer any question you may have.

Is any ice cream sugar free?

No, we make all of our ice cream with pure cane sugar.

How many cows are at the farm?

We currently have 75 milking cows and 80 young animals.

What kind of cows are on the farm?

All of our cows are holsteins born on our farm.

Does Manning's Ice Cream contain gluten?

The only flavors that may have gluten are the flavors that contain cake or cookie pieces.  

Can I have nutrition information on your milk, ice cream, or yogurt?

We don't have nutritional analysis of our products.  The tests are expensive, and since our dairy is so small, we are not required to do the testing.  


Manning Farm Dairy

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